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ECOSYSTEM is straight from the mind of JD Dillon - lifelong Philadelphia Flyers fan, Back to the Future aficionado, former Disney cast member and veteran talent development leader.

JD loves telling stories about the things he’s learned over the past 20+ years as a frontline worker, operations manager, HR practitioner, media designer, L&D leader and digital strategist. He spent time with AMC, Disney and Kaplan before becoming Axonify's Chief Learning Officer and Founder of LearnGeek.

Today, JD is a respected author, keynote speaker, podcaster, and online host with a passion for helping people do their best work every day. He specializes in enabling frontline workers in industries like retail, grocery, finance, logistics, hospitality, manufacturing and more.

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The only way to keep pace with change is to change. Organizations must evolve their mindset. We must escape functional silos and leverage every available tool, tactic and technology to improve the employee experience and help people perform at their best. We must foster an agile, results-focused workplace ecosystem.

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JD Dillon

Author. Speaker. Back to the Future Aficionado. Former Disney Cast Member. Learning & Performance Expert. Axonify CLO. LearnGeek Founder.